Consumer Info

Is there a credit check?

No, transactions are based on collateral alone and not credit history.  Title wave will not issue any credit checks and will lend you the money you need based simply on the value of the car.

Is insurance required?

Title Wave does not require you to have any insurance in order to be eligible for a loan.  Many of our competitors require its customers to have some collision insurance, but we feel that is not necessary.

Can a loan be a viable alternative to selling your vehicle?

Yes, Title Wave can get you the cash you need with a payment you can afford.  We want to help you keep your car, so come see us before selling your vehicle.

Do you have any control? 

The total amount of interest you pay is totally up to you, the customer.  While we set the terms, you can decide how long to keep the money and you have the option to pay off the loan any time you choose.  With some of our easy payment plans, the payback period may be quicker than you expect.